Tips and Tricks in Making Great Scrapbooking Projects

February 19, 2014 No Comments

When I was newly married and when my first baby was born I was very excited in seeing this bundle of joy. I had not experienced before and most times the baby was always on my hands especially after my husband resumed work. With time I was advised that I needed to allow the baby sleep more often which was a plus for his growth. It is during his sleeping sessions that loneliness hit me so much and I kept wondering what I would be doing all along when the baby slept. It is while watching a business documentary one evening with my husband when a very young teenager talked about making so much money from scrapbooking art that my mind opened up and I thought “why not get involved in scrapbooking?” And off I hit the road to look out for someone to train me.

It was not long before I learnt the art and now I can brag around as being a seasoned scrapbooker even as my son turns 3years. This is what I learnt from this art. Scrapbooking is all fun, exciting and easy to go about. It is not for those with billions of dollars because you require very little capital to begin. Besides you will make the scrapbooks at your own pace and right from your living room. At some point I could find myself so busy with orders such that I had to employ a helper to look after the baby as I made the scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking began in the early ages with the old folks and has been around for years. It was not really a serious art then but today scrapbooking stores are all over town.  The interesting thing about the art is that you are not pushed by anyone other than your desire to present your creativity.  The secret behind it is using the right materials, being in good company of other regular scrapbookers and most of all having a stable state of mind to be able to explore the opportunities of creativity.  Creativity is what inspires scrapbooking and it is usually the greatest drive.   It is one of the popular arts today both for children and adults. More over technology has provided a more innovative way of carrying out the art and with ease hence the aspect of digital scrapbooking has been introduced. Digital scrapbooking offers more advantages than the traditional one whereby:

  1. You can be able to make your own paper with different colors and designs.
  2. You can play around with the various types of software’s available.
  3. You will save your photos on the computer and still have a copy to look at.
  4. You can add texture, enlarge or make small your photos.

At the end of the day there is a lot you will have achieved. Advice to those that are going into scrapbooking is that you begin small and have the sky as the limit. You will eventually make it like the professional scrapbookers out there.

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