Scrapbooking: How to Make your own Family Tree Scrapbook

April 5, 2014 No Comments

When speaking of scrapbooks, there are actually different types of scrapbooks. One type would be a Heritage Scrapbook; another type is a Historical Scrapbook, another type would be an Alphabetical Scrapbook, another is a Biographic/Autobiographic scrapbook, and a Journal Scrapbook.

One of the most used type scrapbooks would be the “Heritage Scrapbook”. What actually is a Heritage Scrapbook? Well, it’s actually a “family tree scrapbook” which shows family history. This type of scrapbook interests many people since it shows and reveals the history of a family. It is a good method of discovering your family’s origin but you need to do an accurate and extensive research before you can have a good family tree scrapbook. So if you are curious about the history of your family, one way to trace it is by creating a heritage scrapbook or a family tree scrapbook.

Here are a few tips in making your own family tree scrapbook…


  • When creating a family tree scrapbook, it should be strong and wide so that it can hold and contain all the materials you are planning to put on your scrapbook over time. Not only that, you would also like to protect your scrapbook by wrapping it with a plastic cover or anything that can secure your book. Doing such would certainly protect and preserve your scrapbook.
  • Just before adding contents and materials to your scrapbook, be sure to it that all materials are well researched and accurate since you are creating your family tree scrapbook. You don’t want to mess up with your family history, do you? Of course nobody would. So correct and accurate family history materials would be a good start for your scrapbook.
  • After determining and collecting all your materials, it’s time for you to create a page layout. Meaning, you need to plan. Plan where on the scrapbook page you want to place your materials. Lay all your materials like photographs, letters, certificates, documents and other important stuff which plays a big role in your family history so that you can estimate the space you need for your family tree scrapbook.
  • So after creating a sturdy scrapbook, after researching your family history and after planning the layout of your scrapbook, it’s now time to put all your materials together on your scrapbook pages! You can decide to start the page from the youngest generation to the oldest generation or the other way around. It depends on how you would like to present your own family tree scrapbook. Design your scrapbook with any embellishments you want, just don’t over decorate it.

With all the above tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to create a stunning and informative Family Tree Scrapbook that you can share with your friends and relatives!

Enjoy Creating Scrapbooks!

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