Baby Scrapbook Ideas – Tracing the Growth of your Baby

November 13, 2013 No Comments

We all love babies and they give us a lot of pleasure alongside our families. Any time we see an expectant woman we all fantasize the kid of joy she will get when the baby comes. Sometimes we will begin giving them names even before these kids come. They are little seeds of blessings that we cannot overlook even as they grow.  Behind our minds we will visualize anything possible that will capture every moment of their growth and any mother will tell you of things they have tried to do achieve this. One mother confessed of having tried out baby scrapbook ideas that were so thrilling. Below are some of the ideas that this mother engaged in to capture every moment of her baby:

  • That immediate moment after birth – Most mothers will want to capture that moment when the baby makes its first cry after birth. The baby looks sweet; the hair is curly, small fists with closed eyes. This is very fulfilling to any mother. Other mothers will capture the size of their baby’s hands and feet. It feels good to capture these small aspects of a baby.
  • Baby’s first move – Every mother gets excited when the baby makes a first move on themselves. We will all celebrate this and put it in a pictorial format that will remind us when the baby moved alone unsupported.
  • Baby’s first feeding scenario – It’s more likely that the baby will take long to start feeding on solid food. However the moment the baby takes in its first spoon of solid food every mother is excited. It is even more exciting when the baby feeds itself. It’s usually like a dream come true and many parents will watch the baby like a movie.
  • As the baby continues to grow, there are many more baby scrapbook ideas and ideas that you will want to capture including their first day in school which leaves many kids crying and yelling for their parents.  As they grow a little and start mingling and making friends whom they can bring home you can also take photos of the same and eventually during family trips an school functions.

What is the importance of embracing these baby scrapbook ideas?

  • They allow you to familiarize yourself with the growth of your baby on every step of their growth.
  • As the babies grow and have the understanding of the meaning of photos, it will give them joy to see themselves on every level of their growth.
  • With the scrapbooks you make and with the photos you store in them, you can use the scrapbooks as gifts to family and friends and more so to one of the baby’s parents who probably works away from the family.
  • The baby scrapbook ideas are a way of keeping yourself busy and it is more applicable and useful to the stay home moms.

All the above aspects call for creativity that will leave nothing to chance. After all you will be tracing the life of your baby.

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